Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Military Chic

One of my favorite trends this fall is military inspired pieces.  No, I'm not talking about bulky cargo pants and camouflage [thank goodness:)].  This season it's all about hints of militaristic details seen in classic styles.  I'm talking about structured silhouettes, big, gold buttons, and even some fur.  Designers such as Haider Ackermann, Salvatore Ferragamo, McQ, Sacai, Dries Van Noten, Victoria Beckham, Belstaff, and Narciso Rodriquez have all taken on this look for the fall.  Here are some of my personal runway favorites:

Left: McQ
Right: Salvatore Ferragamo
Images From: Harper's Bazaar

Left: Dries Van Noten
Right: Sacai
Images From: Harper's Bazaar
Left: Belstaff
Right: Victoria Beckham
Image From: Harper's Bazaar

I absolutely love the color palate of all these styles.  One of my favorite colors is an olive/army green, and it's just perfect for fall and into winter.  I also like how the structure of each outfit emphasizes the waistline.  These types of designs can be seen in stores like Forever 21, as well.  Here is an example from my own closet:

This coat has some of the same militaristic details as the runway looks above but is more affordable.  It accentuates the waist and has large, silver buttons, which add a military flair.  Even if I pair this coat with jeans, knee-high boots, and a sweater in the fall/winter, I still look and feel put together because of the coat's structure.  When I wear this jacket I feel like a living reminiscence of the Civil War but in a stylish way.  

Military-inspired clothing is certainly in for fall this year, and there are many different variations of the style from structured coats, dresses with shiny buttons, and tall, leather boots.  Whether you have one piece that has subtle military details or you have a full outfit like some of the models above, anyone can try this look.  I know I will as I'm marching all over Boston to my classes this fall!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wrap It Up Retro Style

Whether you're sitting on a windy beach or you're having a bad hair day, sometimes you just want to throw you're hair up to get it out of the way.  As much as I love the top knots, messy buns, and the classic ponytail, these styles can get a little boring.  Luckily, I have just the trick that will keep your hair off your face and make you look effortlessly cool--headscarves!  Headscarves first made an appearance in the 1930s and have reemerged many times throughout fashion history.  They have appeared atop the heads of famous actresses like Audrey Hepburn and in propaganda, specifically the "We Can Do It" poster.  Now all of these looks are coming back in style with designers such as Karen Walker, Marc Jacobs, and Nicholas and Christopher Kunz and fashionistas like Nicole Richie taking charge.  Take a look at the following headscarf styles that are coming back in style:

The 1940s Headscarf

Image From: Fashionising

Karen Walker's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
Image From: Fashionising

Marc Jacobs' Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
Image From: Fashionising

The 1960s Headscarf

Audrey Hepburn
Image From: Lottie Loves

The 1970s Headscarf

Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
Image From: Fashionising

Modern Headscarf Styles


Nicole Richie
Images From: Just Jared and Fashion Tag

Image From: Girl Obsessed

As you can see there are many different ways to wear headscarves, and all of them are adorable!  The fun part is choosing from all of the different colors and patterns headscarves can come in.  You can always find vintage scarves as well, which will make your look even more unique.  Headscarves make a messy bun or long, wavy locks look chic whether you're into bohemian styles or looks right off the runway.  Experiment with different scarves and have fun with how you wear them.  You'll be sure to get a blast from the past this summer!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday: Family of the Year

So this lovely Monday night I'd like to recognize the up and coming indie/folk band Family of the Year from Los Angeles, CA.  The band is comprised of Joe Keefe (frontman), his brother Sebastian Keefe (drums/vocals), James Buckey (guitar/vocals), and Christina Schroeter (keyboard/vocals).

A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA to see Milo Greene.  However, Family of the Year, who I had never heard of, opened the show.  Within the first 30 seconds of their first song I was hooked.  Their music combines acoustic guitar, the keyboard, drums, and other instruments to create a playful sound that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to sway with the beat.  The lyrics are easy to follow so you can sing a long, and their songs also allow for audience hand clapping, which is always a plus.  Some of my personal favorites of theirs are "St. Croix," "Buried," and "Hero."

Overall, the concert was a fun time, and I was happy I discovered this band Family of the Year.  They certainly have some talent and are entertaining to watch; even between songs when we saw each band member's personality as they chatted between songs.  I strongly suggest checking out this band.  You can listen to some of their music for free on their website!
Image From: Family of the Year

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My New Found Love: Maxi Skirts

One of my new favorite trends this summer and upcoming fall is the maxi skirt.  I've seen many celebrities wearing them in magazines as well as many Pinterest images of the trend; however, I never tried it out for myself.  At first I thought I was too short for a full-length skirt (I'm a towering 5' 3''), but when I tried one on in Pacsun I found that the maxi fitted well and was super comfy.  So, I decided to buy it!  This weekend I wore it for the first time to brunch, and it was the best decision.  The maxi skirt looked classy, yet I felt like I was wearing yoga pants.  Not to mention it's a good change from wearing the usual summer cut-offs and sundresses.  

My main dilemma before I wore my maxi skirt for the first time was what to wear it with.  I ended up wearing my black maxi skirt with a gray and white striped tank, denim jacket, and earrings.  Here are some other ways to rock this look courtesy of Blue is in Fashion This Year and the Washingtonian :

Photo By: Washingtonian How Sydney Wears It

As seen above, there are many different variations of maxi skirts--bright colors, neutral colors, cotton maxis, chiffon maxis, and more!  They can also be worn in different ways.  For a casual look, pair a maxi skirt with a tank, like I did, or a v-neck.  Or for a more dressed up look, try pairing a maxi with a patterned button-up shirt and fitted blazer.  After wearing my maxi skirt this weekend, I can't wait to experiment with more outfits!  Maxi skirts are definitely a summer and fall staple, so go out and add one to your wardrobe.  You won't regret it.

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