Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday: Family of the Year

So this lovely Monday night I'd like to recognize the up and coming indie/folk band Family of the Year from Los Angeles, CA.  The band is comprised of Joe Keefe (frontman), his brother Sebastian Keefe (drums/vocals), James Buckey (guitar/vocals), and Christina Schroeter (keyboard/vocals).

A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA to see Milo Greene.  However, Family of the Year, who I had never heard of, opened the show.  Within the first 30 seconds of their first song I was hooked.  Their music combines acoustic guitar, the keyboard, drums, and other instruments to create a playful sound that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to sway with the beat.  The lyrics are easy to follow so you can sing a long, and their songs also allow for audience hand clapping, which is always a plus.  Some of my personal favorites of theirs are "St. Croix," "Buried," and "Hero."

Overall, the concert was a fun time, and I was happy I discovered this band Family of the Year.  They certainly have some talent and are entertaining to watch; even between songs when we saw each band member's personality as they chatted between songs.  I strongly suggest checking out this band.  You can listen to some of their music for free on their website!
Image From: Family of the Year

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