Sunday, August 12, 2012

My New Found Love: Maxi Skirts

One of my new favorite trends this summer and upcoming fall is the maxi skirt.  I've seen many celebrities wearing them in magazines as well as many Pinterest images of the trend; however, I never tried it out for myself.  At first I thought I was too short for a full-length skirt (I'm a towering 5' 3''), but when I tried one on in Pacsun I found that the maxi fitted well and was super comfy.  So, I decided to buy it!  This weekend I wore it for the first time to brunch, and it was the best decision.  The maxi skirt looked classy, yet I felt like I was wearing yoga pants.  Not to mention it's a good change from wearing the usual summer cut-offs and sundresses.  

My main dilemma before I wore my maxi skirt for the first time was what to wear it with.  I ended up wearing my black maxi skirt with a gray and white striped tank, denim jacket, and earrings.  Here are some other ways to rock this look courtesy of Blue is in Fashion This Year and the Washingtonian :

Photo By: Washingtonian How Sydney Wears It

As seen above, there are many different variations of maxi skirts--bright colors, neutral colors, cotton maxis, chiffon maxis, and more!  They can also be worn in different ways.  For a casual look, pair a maxi skirt with a tank, like I did, or a v-neck.  Or for a more dressed up look, try pairing a maxi with a patterned button-up shirt and fitted blazer.  After wearing my maxi skirt this weekend, I can't wait to experiment with more outfits!  Maxi skirts are definitely a summer and fall staple, so go out and add one to your wardrobe.  You won't regret it.

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