Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canvas Quotes

There's nothing better than giving or receiving a homemade gift.  Just knowing that someone took the time out of his or her day to make something just for you feels pretty darn good.  Plus, if you love arts and crafts, like me, then it's actually fun and relaxing to create a unique gift for someone special.

This past weekend was my boyfriend Drew's birthday.  He always writes little notes and paints pictures for me, so I thought I'd use my artistic senses to make something for him.  On Pinterest, I stumbled across this idea of painted canvases with quotes on them.  The original project came from the blog A Beautiful Mess, which I highly suggest reading--lots of cute ideas!  I also read Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart's tutorial on the same project.  She gave me the idea to collage the canvas as opposed to using a painting as the background like A Beautiful Mess and to use Mod Podge to seal the piece.  As you will read, I also made some changes of my own.

-Canvas (Any Size)
-Any Paper Material Used to Collage the Background of the Letters (book pages, newspaper, wrapping paper, magazines, etc.)
-Mod Podge
-Acrylic or Spray paint
-Vinyl Letter Stickers


Cut out the paper material you want to use as the background of the letters.  I used photocopies of old notes and drawings Drew gave to me and painted them with watercolors to add some color.  You could also use an old painting or a paint-by-number as the background like A Beautiful Mess.  Just know that the background can only be seen through the letters composing the quote.


Place your cutouts on the canvas and begin Mod-Podging the pieces down.  

A Brief Note: To properly use Mod Podge, use a paintbrush to spread a thin layer of the glue-like substance on the canvas where you want the piece of paper to go.  Gently lay the paper on the Mod Podge covered canvas and smooth it out so it doesn't crease.  After I Mod-Podged each piece of my collage in place, I brushed another layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper to seal it down.


Once the Mod Podge dries, cut out the letters needed for the quote you've chosen and place them where you want on the canvas.  Then, stick the stickers.

4.  Use either spray paint or acrylic paint (I used acrylic) to paint over the entire canvas.


When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the letters, and voil√†, your piece is complete!  Now hang your beautiful, handmade artwork around your house or give it as a gift.

Drew loved his quoted canvas.  Especially because you could see the different faces, characters, and words in his original notes through the letters of the quote.  It brought back many happy and funny memories.  Now I'll be making many more of these signs; they're so easy to do and they look adorable in homes and dorm rooms!

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