Saturday, September 15, 2012

Layer Up Folks, It's Fall!

Fall is rapidly approaching, and you know what that's time for layers!  The weather can be sporadic in the fall; the mornings tend to be chilly and the afternoons can get warm.  So, what better way to dress than to layer, layer, layer!  There are many ways to layer your outfits, and usually you can't go wrong.  However, in case you need a little advice, here are some layering staples you need this fall to get that casual yet chic look.  

Layer #1: Basic Tee/Tank

Start off your layers with a basic V-neck or tank top.  I prefer loose, flowy tees and tanks because they feel more comfortable underneath the rest of the layers.  Gap has many different styles and colors of V-necks and tanks at reasonable prices.
Images (From Left to Right): Gap // $22.95; Gap // $19.95; Gap // $24.95

Layer #2: Button-Up

 Add a button-up.  I prefer plaids and chambrays because they add a different texture and pattern to an outfit.  Mix different colors and shades of button-up shirts to change it up!
Images (From Left to Right): (Top) J. Crew // $98.00; Madewell // $69.50; (Bottom) Madewell // $80.00; Madewell // $69.50

Layer #3: Sweater/Jacket



Here's where you decide what style you're going for.  As a top layer, you could wear a leather jacket for an edgy look, or you could throw on a big, comfy cardigan or parka for a more casual outfit.  To make a bold statement, try a brightly colored blazer.  There are so many different jacket styles and sweater patterns to try; you really can't go wrong!  But if you decide on a patterned top layer, stick to solid colors or neutral patterns underneath.  You don't want to look too crazy.
Images (From Left to Right): (Top) H&M $39.95 // Quiksilver $89.50; (Bottom) H&M // $24.95; Madewell // $185.00

Layer #4: Scarf


To top off your layered look, throw on a printed scarf!  This layer is totally optional and meant as more of an accessory [unless it's really cold outside]; however, I think scarves are the easiest way to add a pop of color to any outfit.
Images (From Left to Right): Urban Outfitters // $20.00; Urban Outfitters // $29.00

These are your basic layering staples to keep you warm (or cool) this fall.  I love layering because it allows you to get creative.  For instance, you could substitute the V-neck base layer for a cotton dress to create a more feminine outfit.  Or, stick to skinny jeans and lace-up boots for a laid back style.  Layering also allows you to add or subtract pieces of an outfit to account for the wacky fall weather.  The possibilites are really endless.  Now, enjoy the beautiful fall weather and layer up!

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