Monday, October 29, 2012

Get Your Sassy Pants On

Get your sassy pants on ladies and gents! This fall, pants and leggings are coming out in all sorts of colors and patterns that look fabulous and certainly stand out. Geometric, floral, animal, and even galaxy/sky printed pants and leggings are making their way on the racks this season. 

Statement Bottoms

1. ASOS Skinny Jeans in Metallic Baroque Print; $70.36 // 2. BDG Twig Mid-Rise Jean, Ikat Print; $29.99 (Sale) // 3. BDG Twig Mid-Rise Jean, Wolf Print; $68.00 // 4. Sparkle & Fade Floral Twill Pant; $29.00 (Sale) // 5. BDG Cosmic Legging; $29.00

The trick is how you style these pants; busy patterns on the bottom call for simplicity on top. Definitely stick to solid colors and classic lines. This may seem restricting, but there are actually many ways you can style statement pants. 

Pair statement pants with:
  • A black, white, or chambray button-up tucked in with a brightly-colored skinny belt. 
  • A simple V-neck with a sharp blazer. 
  • A big, comfy sweater in a solid color. 
  • Wedge booties in black or beige.
  • Solid-colored loafers or flats.
Be aware of the colors in the pants, as well. If the pattern is neutral, (including black, white, beige, gray, etc.) pair the pants with a brightly-colored top or with a simple, colored accessory, such as a belt, clutch, or necklace. If the pants have bright colors or an especially busy pattern with various textures, like the ASOS metallic baroque skinnies above, stick to a neutral top in black or white. Keep in mind though that the main piece of the outfit is the pants, so there's no need for additional patterns and extreme bling. 

Statement pants are a great piece to add to your wardrobe. Urban Outfitters has many crazy patterns and colors for reasonable prices, like the Cosmic Leggings I bought from UO shown above. Although statement pants can seem intimidating to style, they look chic and sassy. Try them out! Be bold. Be daring. Really, it's the way to go.

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