Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Dorm Decorating

Sometimes it's hard being away from home during holidays, especially when you think of how your house is usually decorated during certain seasons. College dorms just aren't the same. But this fall my roommate Beth and I are going all out to keep the Halloween and fall spirit alive.  Our room is filled with pumpkins, candy corn, and other fall goodies.

When I was home a few weekends ago, I picked up a few mini pumpkins for our windowsill from a local farm. Then, today Beth's parents brought us a couple more when they visited! Our pumpkin collection has really built up; we have six pumpkins lining our picture window. The pumpkins definitely gives our otherwise basic room a touch of Halloween and pretty fall orange.

We also put a little dish of candy corn in our room as a Halloween treat. My mom always had a dish of candy corn in our family room during the fall. It only made sense to put one out at school to make the dorm a little more home-y.  I also bought some apple cider for our fridge as a nice fall beverage. This was yet another thing that I always had at home during the fall; might as well bring some to school too!

Not only do Beth and I have pumpkins and candy, we also have some of our favorite Halloween movies like Halloweentown I and II as well as Hocus Pocus. We are also planning on decorating our door with spooky Halloween decor. Our floor is having a competition for the best Halloween-spirited door, so we'll be sure to deck out ours (we're not competitive or anything...)! It's always good to get in the spirit for holidays when you're in college.  The decorations will spice up your room and make it feel just like home. Take our advice when it comes to Halloween dorm decorating; if anything you'll get some candy out of it!

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