Friday, October 19, 2012

Not Your Typical Hair Tie

Lately I've been noticing girls in a couple of my classes with what looks like strips of ribbon tied around their wrists, and occasionally in their hair. I thought, what an adorable alternative for the typical black elastic that clashes with the rest of my usual bracelets. As I searched for hair ties on Pinterest, I found that they come in many different colors, patterns, and textures.

Mane Message (Etsy), $16.50 for all ten colors.

(Left) Sweet Ties Hair Ties & Headbands (Etsy), $8.00 for set of four.
(Right) Sweet Ties Hair Ties & Headbands (Etsy), $7.00 for set of five.

Source: {frolic!}

Hair ties are a great alternative to a boring hair elastic. They look like strips of fabric tied around your hair, but they are actually stretchy and easy to wear like normal hair elastics. Plus, they give a simple ponytail a touch of color and effortless flair. Many of the hair ties above can be found on Etsy for a reasonable price, especially for a package of multiple. I personally like the glitter hair ties because they add some sparkle and can be worn more formally. The crazy neon colors are fun, too. There are so many colors and patterns to try it's hard to choose! I highly suggest trying out these hair ties; I know I'm going to. 

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