Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guide: For the Gents

Gift Guide: For the Gents

1. J. Crew Wood Rubber iPhone 4 Case, $25.00 + Leather Case For iPhone 5, $38.00 // 2. Urban Outfitters Thermal Eco Beanie, $24.00 // 3. Urban Outfitters Flannel Plaid Tie, $24.00 // 4. Urban Outfitters BDG Colorblock Winterlite Henley, $28.00 // 5. Altamont Tailgator Shirt, $40.00 (on sale) // 6. Altamont Mayfield Jacket, $78.00 // 7. J. Crew (left) Marled Socks, $16.50 + (right) Men's Camp Socks, $16.50 // 8. Timberland PRO Wedge Sole Soft Toe, $110.00 // 9. Urban Outfitters Hawkings Mcgill Stretch Skinny Chino, $54.00 // 10. Altamont Stagger Shirt, $58.00 // 11. J. Crew Rugged Boot Laces, $4.00 // 12. Urban Outfitters Classic Bandana, $6.00 // 13. J. Crew Classic Macalister Boots In Suede, $99.99 (on sale).

The men in your life can be difficult to buy for, whether he's your brother, boyfriend, husband, guy BFF, cousin, or even dad, especially when you're unsure of their style. The gift options above are just a sampling of the trendy pieces for men this winter. You can't really go wrong with any of them. Do keep in mind though that some of the items above may be geared towards a younger crowd. For instance, if you're looking to buy for your dad or husband who works a 9-5 office job, don't buy him a beanie and a bandana. Give him the UO flannel plaid tie or a stylish J. Crew iPhone case so he'll look trendy taking those business calls. Also, remember that men are most happy with simple gifts and necessity items, for instance, socks. Men love getting socks as gifts because then they don't have to go out and buy them on their own! So, treat your guy to a nice pair of thick socks to get him through the cold winter. I hope this gift guide helps! I know I'll definitely be taking it into consideration while shopping for the gents in my life. Good luck shopping!

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