Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Kills for Equipment

As I was browsing through stacks of fashion, beauty, and health magazines at my internship, I happened across two of my favorite musicians and style icons--Alison Mosshart and Jaime Hince of The Kills. The pair are the new face of Equipment's spring/summer 2013 campaign. 

Honestly, I can't think who else would be a better face for the brand. Mosshart and Hince have always rocked the button down look like nobody else. After I saw them perform live at the Royale in Boston, I immediately became obsessed with Alison Mosshart's style. I googled her navajo print button down for weeks after the show hoping to find it for sale somewhere. I just couldn't accept the fact that she's way too cool to shop at any average store. All of her pieces were either one-of-a-kind or from small, vintage shops in Europe.

So, I can't even contain my excitement over the fact that she and Hince are now the face of Equipment. Now I actually have access to her edgy and chic button downs! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Equipment campaign:

Images From: Equipment

They've got that rocker chic vibe down pat, that's for sure. Also, doesn't Mosshart look like Helena Bonham Carter a little bit? I've always thought that. I think that's why I love both of their crazy styles. Anyway, here's a quick look at the behind-the-scenes video! You can also watch the official promo video here. Enjoy!

What do you think of the Equipment campaign?! Comment below!

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