Monday, March 4, 2013

Check It Out: Unitiques

I'm always impressed by how innovative the students are around me at BU. They always come up with such creative ideas and actually go through with them to create amazing products and services. Alex Shadrow, a junior studying public relations here at Boston University, doesn't cease to impress. She had the genius idea of developing an online website called Unitiques that allows college students to buy and sell (or trade) clothes, accessories, furniture, sports equipment, appliances and more. How convenient!

Originally Shadrow created a group on Facebook called BUtiques, which was the same concept except only for BU students and was used more for swapping clothes. The group grew and Shadrow realized that college students all over were interested in the idea, so she decided to expand. On Februrary 22nd she launched the larger site, Unitiques. The site is for both men and women from various colleges across the country, including Boston College, Cornell, Bentley University, Suffolk University and Syracuse University, just to name a few.

Unitiques is continuing to expand. Shadrow says that soon the site will allow students to trade goods and sell tickets to student run events on campus. She also plans to add a roommate and apartment search feature, as well as a free mobile application for the site.

To celebrate Shadrow's successes so far and to say goodbye to the original BUtiques group, Unitiques and Her Campus BU are holding a Unitiques Launch Party on Wednesday, March 20th in the GSU Alley at Boston University. Students can bring clothes to swap, shop around the marketplace of student vendors and enjoy some free food!

Definitely check out the Unitiques site, ladies and gents! I just created an account myself, and I'm noticing a lot of great clothes and other goods on the market. All you have to do is create an account with your college email (proving that you're a college student). If your college is not already on the Unitiques site, contact Alex on the Unitiques Facebook or Twitter pages! Unitiques will not only allow you to save money on clothes, but it may just help you gain a little extra cash, too! Check it out!



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