Thursday, March 14, 2013

Florida Photo Diary

My mom and I are back from Florida! I was sad to leave my grandparents and the warm weather, but I'm happy to be home with the rest of my family and friends before I head back to school. We had a great vacation relaxing on the beach, reading, shopping, eating and enjoying each other's company. I went a little Instagram crazy capturing all of the best parts of our trip, but I'm glad I took all of these pictures. Now I can share them with you! Here's my life from the past week (a few days before my trip, too) in Instagrammies:

My pretty pink manicure. I chose Essie Knock-out Pout.

My flight got cancelled on Friday due to the snow in Boston :( ...good news was that I got my first Sully's ice cream of the season at home! Mint patty is my favorite.

Our first night out in FL at Pop's Sunset Grill. They had delicious food and live music! I've never seen so many retirees and middle-aged folk burning it up on the dance floor--it was so adorable!

The most delicious fruit in FL. I ate so many sweet strawberries.

My only obligation for the week.

Flowers & Palm trees.

My Mum & I <3

Rainy day shopping outfit. Notice the bottle of aloe on the dresser--I got a little sunburnt!

Tanning poolside:)

Pretty walkway to the beach.

The harbor & pretty blue water.

Beautiful sunset at Sharky's. Missing this already!

I'm getting sad looking at these pictures already...take me back! We had a great trip, though. Did anyone else go somewhere away from home for spring break?! Please share!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a fabulous time visiting my home state.

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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