Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Deals

For most of our vacation my mom, grandparents and I went to the beach everyday! It was so sunny and warm. But on Tuesday morning we woke up to rain and cold winds, so we decided to go shopping. We poked through the shops downtown, grabbed some lunch and of course scoured the racks of the T.J. Maxx near my grandparents' condo. I can always count on T.J. Maxx to give me a sweet deal. This time, I got three!

These Dalia Collection shorts were originally $40 (they may have even been more), but I paid $19.99! I love the scallop hem line--so cute and nautical!

This Tahari pencil skirt was originally $168, but I paid $39.99! The skirt is actually a navy blue tweed material and has a zipper along the side. This photo does not do it justice at all, unfortunately. Sorry for the poor lighting! It fits perfectly.

These Michael Kors shorts were originally $79.50, but I paid $29.99! I love the navy and white polka dot pattern. Perfect for summer!

What did I tell you in my "Be A Maxxinista" post from a few months ago?! I took my own advice and got these sweet deals. All the more reason to be maxxinistas everyone! I'm not kidding when I say it. You can find some great deals.

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