Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Inspiration

This week has been crazy and hectic so far with exams and presentations. As I'm studying away at my desk and worrying about everything I need to get done, I have to keep reminding myself of this: "the future is no place to place your better days." To be happy, you can't keep anticipating all of the things you have to get done in the future, otherwise you can't be content in the present. I make this mistake all the time, and I'm really trying to work on it. This week I can't help but think that this weekend will be so much better after my last round of midterms is over. But, I've found it to be a little easier today, as I look around Boston and see how beautiful the city is in the sun, to enjoy the present. That's another reason why I picked this quote; the flowers made me think of spring and how I'm starting to feel it already! I hope you all are having lovely weeks and are only worrying about how great the present is rather than the stress of the future. Be happy and enjoy this sunny weather! 

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