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Q&A With Asha Isabella, Editor-In-Chief of Tosser

I had the pleasure of asking Asha Isabella, the Editor-In-Chief of the Boston Bazaar's newest publication Tosser Magazine, a few questions about the mag and how she got to where she is today. Asha is a recent college graduate and young business owner who is definitely one to look up to. Not to mention she's a local Boston gal! She started Tosser to celebrate art in all its forms: fashion, beauty, film, music and more.

For those of you who don't know about Tosser Magazine, it is a fashion and culture publication geared toward young curators, artists, designers, bloggers and business owners. Not only do they regularly post articles online for you to read, but you can also purchase a printed or digital copy of their issues filled with tons of interesting features.

Source: Asha Isabella
Now, Asha can tell you a bit more:

Q: Tell us a little bit about Tosser Magazine. What made you start the publication?

A: Well Tosser Magazine is completely fueled by and catered to people with some type of brand related to the arts. So, we target designers, visual artists, filmmakers, actors, the list goes on.

And during it’s creation I was doing a lot more design work and was at the point where amazing things were happening but at the same time I was just facing a ton of difficulty with it. I’m blessed to have such major support behind me to keep me going but it really made me think about some of the incredible artists out there that may not have that. So, I wanted to create something to serve as inspiration, a resource for those turning their art into their meal ticket, and just an outlet for their stories. It really boggled my mind that there are so many incredible artists out there that I may never know about because our media outlets won’t take the time to tell their stories; so I went searching for them. And that’s what Tosser is all about; a never-ending search for people committing to their art. A search for Tossers.

Q: Where do you want to see it go in the future?

A: I want to see it grow. We’re focusing more on our other cities. Chicago, LA, NY and I want us to get very involved in those communities.

Q: Do you have a favorite feature in the newest issue of Tosser?

A: I put my favorite feature on the cover so I definitely have to say June Haynes. It was just a beautiful experience spending the afternoon with her and the inspiration and love for my job that I felt in just one afternoon made me really excited for the future of Tosser. Her story is incredible and she was just full of so many words of wisdom and encouragement.

I’m also genuinely inspired by every story in the magazine. Everyone from our Top 50 and our featured stories and I go back to the issue every once and a while when I’m just in one of my moods and it’s like a kick in the ass to get me moving. As much as we all participate in it, the arts tend to be a bit undervalued here so to see this many people working so passionately for their art it’s a really beautiful thing.

Q: What’s a typical day like being the editor-in-chief of Tosser?

A: It’s really a juggling act, especially because I also own the company so I always need to find a way to take care of business matters and handle editing duties. We’re still developing Tosser Daily on so I work a lot with our .com editors on the content that goes up daily; editing each article and planning the calendar. We also shoot for the magazine about every week so we do a lot of planning, a lot of going through look books and coordinating with designers, run-throughs with our hair and makeup people, coordination with our graphic designers to really relay the image I have for the magazine so we can all focus on getting that vision out of my head and into our book. I also check in with our marketing and PR teams daily. And at the end of the day when everyone has gone home I get really creative and I’ll write a story, or create a new piece of clothing for the line, I might sketch -- maybe completely plan an editorial. It’s taken some time to fall into my routine but now that I’m here I’m finding that I have a lot more time to get creative.

Q: Were you always interested in fashion as a career? How did you get into the industry?

A: I actually was a massive science geek all through high school and started college pre-med with a focus on pediatric plastic surgery. Then one year I was asked to coordinate our school fashion show (because I stuck out like a sore thumb on campus) and I got a chance to meet with designers, cast models, come up with runway concepts, and all that jazz. It was really that type of meticulous planning and detail that made me want to change my entire future. I changed my majors (writing & literature and economics with a focus in corporate finance-- still not fashion-- strange), and kept planning the show, developing my own clothing line for it and started The Boston Bazaar at the end of my freshman year. And I still wouldn’t say that “fashion” is my career. I am very invested in the business side of “the arts” and publishing. As The Boston Bazaar grows you will see us stretch our paws into industries other than fashion alone. I’m just very “expressive” in my way of dress so this industry just felt like home. Plus, we started covering fashion week in 2009 and I just really developed such a strong appreciation for fashion as an art form.

Q: Where do you get your fashion/art inspiration?

A: It comes from everywhere. I can’t really go out looking for inspiration. I just welcome it when it comes along. It’s like a light bulb moment. I can be staring at a blank page in front of me then suddenly my eyes will open.

Q: What is your favorite summer trend?

A: Honestly, summer is my least favorite season. I hate the heat so maybe it’s just that resentment but I’m really into monochromatic trends, whether it’s the color or a print. I think it’s incredibly sexy to wear all white. Since I’m such a fan of black, switching up to white for the summer is a lot of fun. Head (yes, hair) to toe white with a red (or black) lip and a fat necklace is just so easy to do and really chic.


You heard it, ladies, white on white is hot for summer with a just a touch of color. I loved reading Asha's answers. I always like hearing how people get to where they are today because they always have such interesting stories, like starting out as a pre-med major and ending up starting a fashion and arts publication! She also gives us a good glimpse of what it's like to work in the magazine/publication industry. What do you think of Asha's answers? So inspirational!

Definitely check out Tosser Magazine for a great summer read.

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