Sunday, August 4, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday

 Falmouth Harbor. You could see the Vineyard from here!
 Pink lady.
 Drew and I hangin around.
Winston had a fabulous week, too!

This week was busy, busy, busy! Between my days working, my mom and I took an impromptu two-day trip to my grandparents' house at the Cape. It was perfect weather, so we went to the beach and hung around by the harbor. As you can see above, my dog Winston was in heaven, too. He gets excited as soon as he can smell the salt air out the window when we're driving into Falmouth. This weekend was busy too! I worked a wedding yesterday in Westerley, RI with my event planning internship and attended my cousin's grad party who I never get to see. It was a great weekend. Needless to say, my Sunday was pretty lazy.

This coming week I'll be on vacation at the Cape! I'm so excited to spend time with family and relax. I'm going to try to keep posting this week despite being away, so stay tuned. :) Have a great Sunday!

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