Friday, August 2, 2013

Music Moment: The Milk Carton Kids

In my last Instagrammy Sunday post, many of my photos were of Newport Folk Fest. I mentioned that I'd share with you some of me, Drew and Emily's favorite bands, so here ya go! The first band you should know about is The Milk Carton Kids. At Newport Folk Fest there are three different stages with bands playing at the same time, so you have to decide who you want to see (so hard, I know). We actually didn't have The Milk Carton Kids on our list to see, but we headed up to that stage early to get a good seat for Blake Mills and caught the end of The Milk Carton Kids' set. Just hearing the last couple minutes of the last song, we knew they were real good.
Source: NPR
Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan's voices blend so well you can't even tell who's singing each part, which you don't see too often with male voices. You can't help but think of the other folk music duo, The Civil Wars, whose blended voices give them that same sound. The Milk Carton Kids' music is mellow and soothing; the kind of music you can close your eyes and almost meditate to, if that makes sense. One of my favorite songs (the one I actually heard live) is "Memphis." It's slower than some of their other songs, but the chords and lyrics are beautiful and just perfect to listen to. It's one of those songs that can't get old. Seeing as I just listened to it five times in a row...
Even though that is the one song I heard live, I have listened to their other songs and they're just as great. In fact, you can listen to The Milk Carton Kids' entire live set at Newport Folk Fest on the NPR website. The Milk Carton Kids also sell their albums and other merchandise, like this adorable Milk Carton Kids onesie (whaaaat, so cute), on their website. Please check out their music and tell me what you think!

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