Sunday, September 29, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday

 Alfred Hitchcock wall art at the Hereford Arms.
 Dessert at the Brownie Box.
Inside Kensington Palace.
 Kensington Palace
 Queen Elizabeth's gowns.
Princess Diana's gowns.
 Princess Diana wallpaper.
 Ready for tea!
We were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture when the tower was full...oops!

Afternoon tea.

This week was full of school work and studying, but we still fit in some time for fun on the weekend. We found this local pub called the Hereford Arms that we've decided will now be our home base. Along the back wall of the pub is all Alfred Hitchcock movie artwork shown above. On Saturday, Ava and I visited Kensington Palace where we took a tour of the inside and got a chance to see some of the royal ladies' dresses. The gowns were all stunning, but I especially loved the Princess Diana section. It was interesting to read where she wore the dresses and what she looked like in them. Ava and I agreed that the dresses on the mannequins were nowhere near as beautiful as the photos of Princess Diana actually wearing them. After our Kensington Palace tour, we had our first afternoon tea at the Orangery overlooking the palace. We sat outside eating finger sandwiches, scones and pastries, sipping tea out of beautiful tea cups. It was such a good day, and I can't wait to go back.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taco Night

My first recipe post from London! I know I haven't done a recipe post on here since I left home, but the kitchen I'm using here is communal so taking photos is not easy. Plus, I really just want to get out of the kitchen as quick as possible. It's a "go in, cook food, and leave" situation. But tonight I couldn't resist taking photos of me and my roommates' taco night. This is the first time we've done a big family style meal, and it was so fun.

What you'll need:
Ground hamburg
Black beans
Taco seasoning (we used the Old El Paso brand)
Cheddar cheese
Anything else you want in your taco!
Tacos are the easiest food to make, and they're perfect if you're on a low budget. We all chipped in and only had to pay about £4 each. I made the meat portion of the taco. We bought ground hamburg, onion and a taco seasoning packet to cook the taco meat. All you have to do is brown the hamburg and onion in a pan with olive oil. Then when the meat is just about done, add the taco seasonings. We also added black beans for some extra flavor.
To go with our tacos we chopped up some avocado and tomatoes, sprinkled some cheddar cheese, and cooked some yellow vegetable rice. The whole meal was so delicious, very filling and decently healthy. We're pretty proud of ourselves for our success in the kitchen. Hopefully I'll have photos of more of our meals to come!
Happy taco night!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday

 Waiting to ride the London Eye.
Cadbury World
Cadbury World hot chocolates.
 Chocolate shoes are my type of shoes.
Connecting with modern art at Tate Modern.
South Bank
Falling in love with the countryside.
Feasting. Who said British food was bad?
Sweet treats--chocolate covered marshmallows.
Falafel, olives, feta, hummus and all things good in Winchester.
The cutest shop in town.

This week we did more exploring of London as well as some of the towns outside of London, such as Bath and Winchester. As for tourist-y London things we rode the London Eye and explored South Bank along the Thames. We also poked around the Tate Modern art museum. London is lovely and all but seeing the countryside this weekend was wonderful. It's so beautiful; pictures don't do it justice. This weekend we visited Bath and Avebury as well as Stonehenge and Winchester. Bath was by far my favorite. I felt like I was in Italy because a lot of the architecture was built by the Romans, including the hot spring baths shown above. There were lots of adorable shops and restaurants, too. We ate a feast of traditional British foods at a pub called the Crystal Palace. The food was so delicious. I was in a food coma for the rest of the day. 

Winchester was also a cute town where we saw Jane Austen's house and grave along with Winchester Cathedral. We ate at another pub (surprised? haha) called The Old Vine. I got the mezze plate of hummus, olives, feta and falafel--so good! There was also an adorable shop there called Style & Winch that I loved shown above. They had the most amazing pair of dark purple suede booties, but I didn't have the heart to hurt my wallet so early in the trip. I'm still keeping my eyes open for my one must-have London item!
I hope you all had a good week! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leather Jacket

Me (blondie): Leather Jacket: Paparazzi | T-shirt: Gap (similar) | Jeans: Gap | Boots: Steve Madden (similar) | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Jewelry: Urban Outfitters
Elena (blue-shirted brunette): Jacket: Mural | T-shirt: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: J Brand | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Jewelry: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Ava: (Wayfarer-wearing brunette): Jacket: Zara | T-shirt: Madewell | Jeans: Levis | Boots: Enzo Angiolini | Bag: Kate Spade (similar) | Jewelry: H&M, Madewell, Vintage

This past week I've been wearing my leather jacket so much, and it's the best feeling ever. The weather in London is a lot colder than I thought it would be this early in September, but I'm not complaining if I can wear boots and leather again. The day we took these photos we shopped on Oxford Street. We struggled through our first visit to Primark, which is like the Forever 21 of London but even crazier if you can imagine that. Scary, I know.

The little street where we took the photos above is actually right next door to our dorm. It's one of the dead-end streets that ends in "mew," which we found out later to mean that the street was once a stable where horses were kept. There are many in our area of London, and they are so adorable. Each one you look down has brightly colored doors, flowers and cobblestones. If only I could live there!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Student Rate has great deals on brands we're wearing above, such as Urban Outfitters and Steve Madden! Be sure to check them out!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday on Monday

Ava, Elena and I at O'Neills
 Portobello Market
 Portobello Market
 Portobello Market
 Notting Hill
 Portobello Market
 Downtown Brighton, UK
 The best food at the cutest little pub ever--Devonshire Arms.
 Lunchtime Margs in Brighton
Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park
 Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Happy Monday! Last week I finished my first full week of four hour long classes (gahhhhh). This didn't stop us from continuing to explore. This week we spent a day in Notting Hill and Portobello Market. The market is huge. I'm talking a couple miles long. Portobello market is full of antiques, clothes, jewelry and food from around the world. It was seriously a party for my nose. Everywhere we turned there were fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and other international foods. I tried my first piece of falafel (other than the dining hall) and it was amazing. The men making it were from Egypt and Syria and were so nice to talk to. They even gave me two free pieces since I didn't buy anything. 

This past Sunday we spent a day in Brighton--a little town on the English Channel. It was incredibly windy on the water but still fun walking down the pier, exploring the shops and visiting the Pavilion Palace of King George IV. We also ate delicious quesadillas and margaritas for lunch. Throughout the week I've been going for runs and walks through Hyde Park, as well. This is where I found the Italian-style garden and the Peter Pan statue shown above. When I visited the park today, I gazed at the London Fashion Week Burberry show tent pretending I was inside. I'm still in awe that I even had the opportunity to see the tent. 

As you can see I'm slowly seeing more and more of this beautiful city. I'm starting to love it more every day. Thanks for following along my adventures!

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