Monday, September 16, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday on Monday

Ava, Elena and I at O'Neills
 Portobello Market
 Portobello Market
 Portobello Market
 Notting Hill
 Portobello Market
 Downtown Brighton, UK
 The best food at the cutest little pub ever--Devonshire Arms.
 Lunchtime Margs in Brighton
Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park
 Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Happy Monday! Last week I finished my first full week of four hour long classes (gahhhhh). This didn't stop us from continuing to explore. This week we spent a day in Notting Hill and Portobello Market. The market is huge. I'm talking a couple miles long. Portobello market is full of antiques, clothes, jewelry and food from around the world. It was seriously a party for my nose. Everywhere we turned there were fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and other international foods. I tried my first piece of falafel (other than the dining hall) and it was amazing. The men making it were from Egypt and Syria and were so nice to talk to. They even gave me two free pieces since I didn't buy anything. 

This past Sunday we spent a day in Brighton--a little town on the English Channel. It was incredibly windy on the water but still fun walking down the pier, exploring the shops and visiting the Pavilion Palace of King George IV. We also ate delicious quesadillas and margaritas for lunch. Throughout the week I've been going for runs and walks through Hyde Park, as well. This is where I found the Italian-style garden and the Peter Pan statue shown above. When I visited the park today, I gazed at the London Fashion Week Burberry show tent pretending I was inside. I'm still in awe that I even had the opportunity to see the tent. 

As you can see I'm slowly seeing more and more of this beautiful city. I'm starting to love it more every day. Thanks for following along my adventures!


  1. Favorite Instagrammy! <3

  2. Love the food, place and the people around you. Awesome!

    1. Thanks Rylee! This place is amazing. Thanks for following along!:)


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