Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taco Night

My first recipe post from London! I know I haven't done a recipe post on here since I left home, but the kitchen I'm using here is communal so taking photos is not easy. Plus, I really just want to get out of the kitchen as quick as possible. It's a "go in, cook food, and leave" situation. But tonight I couldn't resist taking photos of me and my roommates' taco night. This is the first time we've done a big family style meal, and it was so fun.

What you'll need:
Ground hamburg
Black beans
Taco seasoning (we used the Old El Paso brand)
Cheddar cheese
Anything else you want in your taco!
Tacos are the easiest food to make, and they're perfect if you're on a low budget. We all chipped in and only had to pay about £4 each. I made the meat portion of the taco. We bought ground hamburg, onion and a taco seasoning packet to cook the taco meat. All you have to do is brown the hamburg and onion in a pan with olive oil. Then when the meat is just about done, add the taco seasonings. We also added black beans for some extra flavor.
To go with our tacos we chopped up some avocado and tomatoes, sprinkled some cheddar cheese, and cooked some yellow vegetable rice. The whole meal was so delicious, very filling and decently healthy. We're pretty proud of ourselves for our success in the kitchen. Hopefully I'll have photos of more of our meals to come!
Happy taco night!


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    1. Thanks Carolina! They were good, you should try them sometime:)


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