Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photo Diary: A Couple Days In Rome

The Vatican.
 Trevi Fountain.
 Spanish Steps.

Last week I was lucky enough to get to spend five days in Italy for my Fall Break. I've never been before, so I didn't know what to expect! The country is beautiful, and the food is so fresh. I don't even like tomatoes, and I still went crazy over the bruschetta. The first two days we spent in Rome seeing the Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Our flight arrived at 9:00am Wednesday morning, so we were exhausted after being up since 2:00am. Needless to say, we we weren't huge fans of Rome at first. But, after a little while of exploring the side streets and restaurants, the city grew on us.  Also, just an FYI, throughout the entire trip I lived out of one backpack for five days. I had to mention it because I'm so impressed with myself since I always overpack. But this is also why my outfits are extremely basic hehe.

One of the first things I quickly learned about Italy is that it is basically a free for all. I'm convinced the only rule they have is not to go on a pub crawl, as our hostel explained to us. The cab drivers are crazy, and street performers are constantly trying to get your money. But amidst this chaos, my friends and I began to appreciate it for its own beauty. The first part of our trip was certainly an adventure we won't forget.

Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for photos from the Amalfi Coast!

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