Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith

Opening Party

This semester while I've been in London I've had the fortune to intern in the press office at Paul Smith. It has been the best opportunity, and I've been able to attend many press events for the brand, including the opening party for Paul Smith's new exhibition in the London Design Museum. The exhibition is called "Hello, My Name is Paul Smith," and it takes you through the brand's history of getting started and the process of designing the collections. The exhibit accurately portrays the company headquarters in London with the walls of art hanging just as you walk in and a replica of Paul's office. Even if you don't know a lot about the brand, the exhibit explains all. Paul Smith proves that hard work and passion can pay off, and this exhibition shows that. The exhibition runs from November 15th to March 9th, so if you're in London, stop by to see the playfulness and passion that is Paul Smith.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday

 Kind words at the Blitz Magazine Paul Smith event.
 South Bank Christmas Market
 South Bank Christmas Market
 J.Crew in London!
 Christmas in London
Cloudy morning in Hyde Park

In my last post I think I already said that this week has been crazy busy with homework, but I still had time to enjoy London. This is the first weekend in two weeks that I'm in London, and I was so excited to hang here and catch up on sleep! This weekend my friends and I explored the South Bank Christmas Market to get in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, it was so crowded. We'll probably have to go back some time during the week. I still got a delicious hot chocolate out of it though! After, we walked around Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street to see the Christmas lights and decorated shops. It's crazy how prepared they are for Christmas already, but they don't have Thanksgiving to worry about. 

This morning I went for a run to Hyde Park. I've been deprived of my Sunday morning walks/runs to the park for the past two weeks, so it felt good to finally get some exercise. Now, I'm ready for the week!

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Friday, November 22, 2013


Finally it's the weekend! This week has been crazy for me and finally I get to relax. Last weekend my friends and I went to Amsterdam. The city is so beautiful and full of history. Every corner you turn is a picture perfect view. This trip we visited the Heineken Factory, the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Each were so interesting in their own way. My favorite was the Anne Frank House. The whole experience was very moving, but I was so glad to get to see what the house was like, since I read her book and am interested in that time period. Even though the lines are long to get in, definitely try to go if you ever have the chance, preferably really early in the morning or later in the evening (shorter lines).

This trip was a little different since we didn't stay  in a hostel. This time we stayed on a boat Bed & Breakfast called the Maria Alberta! It was so cool, and the owner, Captain Lucas, even made us a homemade breakfast in the morning. The only bad part was that I slept on the top bunk of our tiny room and there was no ladder to climb up. I had to monkey crawl up to my 2 1/2 foot wide bed! 

Other things you MUST do in Amsterdam are eat pancakes at the Pancake Bakery, eat a waffle and wander (to burn off all the food, of course). Amsterdam is a walkable city, and you never know what you'll find. We turned down one corner and found a whole street of designer shops; we love window shopping ha! Overall, the trip was very fun, but now I'm excited to spend the weekend relaxing in London--home sweet home.
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Friday, November 15, 2013


Coat: Zara | Jeans: Madewell | Hat: Madewell

Last weekend my friends and I traveled to Copenhagen. It is one of my favorite places so far (aside from London). I think of it as a mix between a ski resort town and beach town, which doesn't seem like a probable combo but I swear it works. The city is small with lots of canals and colorful buildings that brighten it up despite the dreary weather. It pretty much drizzled freezing rain the whole time. My favorite area of Copenhagen is this long street (shown above) that is along the water with lots of docked sail boats. The street is lined with colorful restaurants, pubs and waffle houses. It seems like the happiest place as you walk down it. Unfortunately we didn't eat here since it was a bit pricey and fancier than you'd think, but it was fun to walk down and see the water. Other parts of Copenhagen you have to see are the Royal Palace, the Little Mermaid Statue, a commune called Christiania (kinda weird) and brunch at Cafe Norden.

Through the whole trip I wore my new Zara wool coat that I haven't taken off for the past two weeks. The coat is the perfect weight for cold, fall weather. I also love the accentuated shoulders on the coat that give it a unique spin. Don't be surprised if my next round of photos from my upcoming trip look very similar, ha! 

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Borough Market

One thing I've learned from this semester abroad is that it's not so much about the shopping like I thought; it's all about the food. I guess my wallet will thank me in the end, and my stomach has certainly been satisfied. My friends and I visited Borough Market last Saturday for a late afternoon lunch/dinner. Borough Market is all food vendors. As soon as you walk in you're on sensory overload. One minute you smell meat pies cooking and the next you smell fresh baked bread. We had the Autumn Burger special from the Boston Sausage. It was a pork burger on a fresh roll with cheddar cheese, mixed greens and a cider chutney. It was so delicious, especially the sweet tart flavor of the chutney. We also picked up a few brownies and cookies for the road and munched on them along the river. Surprisingly, it was a pretty cold day. I've been wearing my new Zara wool coat everywhere and even my beanie on some days. We had a fun and delicious day. I already want to go back for round two!

This weekend I'm traveling to Copenhagen, so there won't be an Instagrammy Sunday post unfortunately. I will have plenty of pretty pics next week, though!

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