Friday, November 8, 2013

Borough Market

One thing I've learned from this semester abroad is that it's not so much about the shopping like I thought; it's all about the food. I guess my wallet will thank me in the end, and my stomach has certainly been satisfied. My friends and I visited Borough Market last Saturday for a late afternoon lunch/dinner. Borough Market is all food vendors. As soon as you walk in you're on sensory overload. One minute you smell meat pies cooking and the next you smell fresh baked bread. We had the Autumn Burger special from the Boston Sausage. It was a pork burger on a fresh roll with cheddar cheese, mixed greens and a cider chutney. It was so delicious, especially the sweet tart flavor of the chutney. We also picked up a few brownies and cookies for the road and munched on them along the river. Surprisingly, it was a pretty cold day. I've been wearing my new Zara wool coat everywhere and even my beanie on some days. We had a fun and delicious day. I already want to go back for round two!

This weekend I'm traveling to Copenhagen, so there won't be an Instagrammy Sunday post unfortunately. I will have plenty of pretty pics next week, though!

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  1. Ahh! All that food looks amazing! I wish there were places like that in my city! I'd love to visit London one day. It must be amazing studying abroad over there!

  2. i'm also studying in london right now and the borough market is so amazing! there's a really good pasta place in the depths of it. such great food! hope you're loving your trip

    1. oh no way! i'll have to see if i can find the pasta place! hope you're having fun too:) Thanks for following!


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