Sunday, November 3, 2013

Instagrammy Sunday

Currently coveting Paul Smith at Press Day.
I don't want to take them off!
British sweets.
Private tour of Parliament courtesy of miss Parliament intern Elena Hernandez.
 Pints in Parliament! Yes, there are bars in there.
 Sunday runs in the park.
 Fall in Hyde Park.
Fall in Hyde Park.

This week was certainly an eventful one. First, I got to help out at Paul Smith's press day for my internship this week, and it was such a great experience. It was really cool seeing all of my hard work paying off and actually helping to put on a successful event. They even let me wear Paul Smith clothing to events, which in itself is a dream come true. It was pretty difficult for me to part with the outfit; I even wore it to class after the event! This past Friday Ava and I got a private tour of Parliament from our friend Elena who's interning there. I never would've gone on my own, but it's actually beautiful inside! There are even bars on the lower level for the different parties. Of course we had to get a pint! On Saturday we spent the day at Borough market (photos to follow later in the week) and South Bank. In South Bank there's a skatepark that the government wants to tear down and turn into a strip mall shown above. It's pretty sad seeing as the park is a big part of the South Bank community and many tourists stop to watch the skaters and bikers. My friends and I decided to sign the petition to stop it from being torn down. Hopefully it stays!

To top off my weekend I went for a run on this beautiful Sunday and walked around Hyde Park. The fall leaves are so pretty right now. Every Sunday I've been spending time in the park. It's so peaceful, and I love seeing the young, adorable families walking and playing. It's such a happy place.

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. You take stunning photos! Lovin that necklace! I'm new to HerCampus and love finding fellow college bloggers (Sometimes feel like I'm the only one!)

    xo Shane

    1. Aw thank you Shane!:) Thanks for following and welcome to HCBN!


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