Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him
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Happy December and Cyber Monday! I hope you're all starting your holiday shopping (or at least thinking about it?). Today's holiday gift guide is for the men in your life. I find that most men want the simplest things as gifts since they usually don't think of buying things for themselves. Some key gifts that you can't go wrong with include:
  • Wool socks
  • iPhone cases & tech accessories
  • Ties
  • A watch
  • A book
  • Grooming accessories, like this Wild Man beard wash shown above
Aside from these staple gifts, men can always use a nice, new shirt or sweater. For quality items I usually look at J.Crew for men because they have something for all styles. A lush pair of leather boots will also make any man happy as they can be dressed up or down. 

While all these gifts are sure to be perfect for Dads, brothers, boyfriends and husbands, don't wait until the last minute! Enjoy the holiday season by getting your shopping done early. Rushed shopping is never fun. Plus, today is Cyber Monday so there are tons of great online sales going on (including 30% off on all J.Crew items)! 

Happy December & happy shopping!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that this article was included in my latest "Massive List of Links" post (! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh, I like those clothes! You know, those shirts is one of my biggest passion! I think they are totally terrific!


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