Sunday, January 19, 2014

Instagrammy Sunday

 Happy birthday to me!
 Strawberry champagne cake pops from my lovely mum.
The best wrapping paper design by Drew McLoon.
A glimpse of my new view.

I'm finally back in Boston starting classes and getting back to normal college life in America, not in Europe. Lucky for me I was placed in an apartment style room with this amazing view! The photo is a bit blurry, but I can assure you it is pretty great. I can see the Citgo sign, the Prudential and the Hancock building, plus all of the morning commuters. This past friday was also my 21st birthday, and probably the last birthday I'll feel excited about being a year older--ha! My family took Drew and I to dinner at Strega in the North End. The food was delicious, but I was so full by the end that there was no room for the delicious strawberry champagne cake pops my mum made for me. Not to worry, though. I tried one and they're deeeeelish! I had a wonderful birthday, and I'm so thankful for everyone that made it special. So far this semester has been off to a great start.

Happy long weekend!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a great day. I'm so jealous of that view!

    1. Thank Tiffany:) And thank you for reading!

  2. Hey, really great view. Indeed quietly envy :) Otherwise, the pictures you do not really look beautiful, you have a really nice smile :) I wish you all the best of Czech Republic.


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