Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tortellini Turkey Sausage Soup

Raise your hand if you were freezing your butt off today?! Me!!! Today was so cold in Boston. I felt like I was on the top of a ski mountain never mind walking on Comm Ave to class. With all of this chilly weather we're having I figured it'd be good to share this recipe that will warm you right up! I found this Tortellini Turkey Sausage Soup recipe on The Fox & She and had to try it. I don't always like soup and am really picky about what is in it. I like chunky noodles and meat in my soup rather than mostly broth and thin noodles. This soup certainly satisfies my requirements. It's also simple to make even though it's from scratch and is (kind of ?) healthy depending on the ingredients you use.
Here's what you need:
1 tsp Olive oil
3 Links of Turkey Sausage
(My dad got the wrong thing and bought small Breakfast turkey sausages--haha! It was still good, but I suggest Italian Turkey Sausage or a different flavor)
1 Medium onion chopped
1/8 tsp Crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 tsp Fennel seeds
1 tsp Dried basil
1 tsp Dried oregano
2 Tbsp Tomato paste
1 Tbsp minced garlic
28 oz. can Crushed tomatoes
6 cups Chicken broth
(Use low-sodium broth as a healthier option)
1 box Tortellini
(Eyeball this--I used way too much tortellini because I dumped the whole box in. It was still good, but when reheated it tasted like pasta and sauce)
2 cups Raw kale chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste

Top off the soup with some shredded parmesan cheese, curl up by the fire and you're ready for a warm night in on this chilly evening. I'm starting to wish I had some of this soup right now! Cooking instructions are on The Fox & She page.
Enjoy and stay warm!

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