Friday, February 28, 2014

Paper Playdates

My mum and I did a lot of crafting projects when I was little. I had an EasyBake oven, Shrinky Dinks, Play Doh wedding cake kits, an endless supply of beads and string and, of course, good old fashion paper and crayons. However, this mother/daughter duo has taken things to the next level. I mean we may be looking at the next Oscar de la Renta of dress designing.

Four-year old Mayhem and her mother Angie were recently featured in a Huffington Post article showcasing their crafty dress designing skills. But we're not talking needle and thread dress-making. These ladies are using two crafter's tools that any family would own: paper and scissors. This may sound like a sad attempt of a mother trying to make her own daughter's Halloween costume or something, but these aren't your average homemade dress-up pieces. These paper, tin foil and tape dresses could be on the Red Carpet or in New York Fashion Week. In fact, many of their designs are replicas of famous celebrities' or designers' gowns.

All photos from Huffington Post
Mother Angie may be modest in her crafting abilities saying in the Huffington Post article, "I actually don't consider myself to be the least bit crafty. Don't ask me to build something out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners…you'll be incredibly disappointed," but she certainly has proved that she knows how to use a pair of scissors. Angie also clarifies that it's not just her working on these dresses; Mayhem works on the dresses just as much as her Mom and even chooses which designs to do. All I hope is that this little girl keeps letting her imagination run free because she's got potential. Good thing she's got at least 20 more years to develop her skills.

One last thought: could I join in on this paper playdate? I want to make paper dresses too! To see more of Angie and Mayhem's dresses, follow them on Instagram at @2sisters_angie.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Jacket: O'Neill (old) | Tank top: American Eagle | Jeans: Madewell | Boots: ASOS
Photography by: Drew McLoon

In my last post I told you I'd be sharing more Navajo/Aztec prints on my blog, since I've been inspired by Burberry's AW14 Collection. Here we are! I think it's time to start wearing bright colors again despite it still being pretty chilly in Boston. This Aztec print flannel from Urban Outfitters is the softest and warmest shirt I own, plus I love the bright, bold print. I even went all out in adding another blue and black check pattern jacket on top! One thing to note when pattern mixing (and I know I say this a lot): when mixing patterns on top, keep it simple on the bottom. A pair of black jeans and Chelsea boots is a no-brainer here. It may seem boring compared to the rest of the outfit, but the simplicity of the monotone bottom brings the outfit together and makes me look a little less crazy.

Also, you may have noticed that I "forgot" to button my shirt all the way. I learned this little trick from Drew, since he is the king of layering and button-downs. Sometimes wearing button-down shirts can get monotonous since there's really only one way to wear them without thinking. To change it up, only fasten the first three or four buttons. I actually felt more comfortable only fastening the first three buttons since I felt I had more room to move. Try it out if you're feeling "adventurous."

Happy pattern mixing! Be bold. Be bright. And maybe loosen up those buttons (kinky joke).

Monday, February 24, 2014

Inspired by Burberry AW14

Now I know fashion week festivities are still going on, but I want to talk about last week's Burberry Autumn/Winter 14 show in London. The show really inspired me with all of its bohemian, navajo prints and crafty painted pieces. The AW14 collection is still true to its British tailoring but includes more flowing dresses, skirts, scarves and ponchos that are refreshing to see. When I think of Burberry I still think of trench coats and tartan plaid, but since Christopher Bailey took over as creative director in 2001, the Prorsum collections have been a lot edgier and modern--the AW14 collection being a prime example. To add to the show's already folky vibe, performers Ed Harcourt, Rhodes and Paloma Faith sang live as the models walked the runway. Here's a glimpse:
The collection still uses the Burberry tailored trench as usual, but the hand painted details speak to past modernist art with swirling strokes along the fabric, giving the classic piece an update. I love the paisley, floral and water color patterns and flowing fabrics mixed with navajo printed ponchos and bags. The shoes look hand painted, as well, although the photos don't show them up close. Are you drooling at the screen yet?
Maybe I'm just slow in getting to know Burberry's more modern and artsy side, but I'm loving these structured bags with homemade details. Each one of the models walked with a geometric print poncho shown above with his or her initials on it during the show finale. Model, Cara Delevigne above is wearing hers closing the show. This may be the one time I wish I had a model's job just so I can get my hands on one of those personalized ponchos and hand painted bags. I can dream right? Or maybe I'll attempt to make my own. The collection has definitely given me some inspiration in that even designer brands can change and mix different styles to create a whole new awesome thing. The mix of classically tailored pieces and bohemian, arty patterns is a win-win in my book. See the full show here!
Stay tuned for some navajo print in my wardrobe later this week!

Monday, February 10, 2014

All Wrapped Up

Sweater: Sheinside | Jeans: Gap | Boots: Nine West | Hat: Portobello Market (similar) | Clutch: Gifted (similar) | Watch: Kate Spade NY

You may be wondering, 'where's the snow?' in these pictures. Believe me, it's here, but these photos were taken two Sundays ago before all of the storms and cold weather. The day was beautiful and surprisingly warm--perfect for walking around Boston without freezing my face off. 

I've been getting a lot of wear out of this wrap sweater since purchasing it a couple of weeks ago. It's like wearing a blanket draped around me all day--how cozy! Plus, it was a whopping $26 (and even cheaper now)! Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with this find. Unfortunately, now I'm back to wearing my down coat 24/7.

Also, how do you like my new domino-inspired clutch?! Drew gave me this as a late birthday present because he calls me Domino as a nickname. It's the perfect gift, and I love it. Every domino clutch I've seen has been from a designer brand and is very expensive, so this one was a pleasant surprise. I'm sure it will make an appearance again.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 7, 2014

LOVEly Little Things

LOVEly Little Things

Although I'm not big on extravagant plans and gifts for Valentine's Day, I really like hearts, touches of pink and silly books relating to love. So, here we have a little gift guide (?) or, rather, collection of V-Day inspiration for the upcoming holiday. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with your boyfriend, husband or best friend, these little trinkets will make the day a little brighter. I especially love the Pink Love Bath Salts and Cook Your Date Into Bed book, which can both be purchased at Urban Outfitters. Cooking dates can be so much more fun than a typical restaurant dinner date. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend some of their Valentine's Day taking a yummy-smelling bath?!

For more gift ideas, check out last year's Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Or, go bold without a gift this year and plan a creative date night or outing with your best friends. Love is in the air after all!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Layering Faux Fur

Coat: Zara (similar) | Faux Fur Vest: similar | Jeans: Gap | Boots: Nine West | Necklace: similar | Hat: Madewell

Here I am bundled up in Boston! This winter has been especially freezing on campus, so anything that looks warm and fuzzy, I throw on. This winter I'm loving the faux fur trend for both vests and coats. They are so warm and are great layering pieces that add texture to an otherwise basic outfit. In my outfit, the fur vest breaks up the mostly black ensemble and keeps me warm. I may have to throw it on again for this blizzard we're getting tomorrow!
Stay warm, everyone!
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