Friday, February 28, 2014

Paper Playdates

My mum and I did a lot of crafting projects when I was little. I had an EasyBake oven, Shrinky Dinks, Play Doh wedding cake kits, an endless supply of beads and string and, of course, good old fashion paper and crayons. However, this mother/daughter duo has taken things to the next level. I mean we may be looking at the next Oscar de la Renta of dress designing.

Four-year old Mayhem and her mother Angie were recently featured in a Huffington Post article showcasing their crafty dress designing skills. But we're not talking needle and thread dress-making. These ladies are using two crafter's tools that any family would own: paper and scissors. This may sound like a sad attempt of a mother trying to make her own daughter's Halloween costume or something, but these aren't your average homemade dress-up pieces. These paper, tin foil and tape dresses could be on the Red Carpet or in New York Fashion Week. In fact, many of their designs are replicas of famous celebrities' or designers' gowns.

All photos from Huffington Post
Mother Angie may be modest in her crafting abilities saying in the Huffington Post article, "I actually don't consider myself to be the least bit crafty. Don't ask me to build something out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners…you'll be incredibly disappointed," but she certainly has proved that she knows how to use a pair of scissors. Angie also clarifies that it's not just her working on these dresses; Mayhem works on the dresses just as much as her Mom and even chooses which designs to do. All I hope is that this little girl keeps letting her imagination run free because she's got potential. Good thing she's got at least 20 more years to develop her skills.

One last thought: could I join in on this paper playdate? I want to make paper dresses too! To see more of Angie and Mayhem's dresses, follow them on Instagram at @2sisters_angie.


  1. I love this, the girls look adorable in these! I love katie's music dress, so cute.


    1. Thank you! The photos were too cute not to post haha:)


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