Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Things To Do Over Spring Break

The countdown is 3 days…I repeat 3 days until spring break! After a busy first half of the semester, I'm so ready to take a week off to relax and collect myself to finish off the semester strong. Fortunately, I'm going to Florida my mum to visit my grandparents. It's become an annual thing, and I'm not complaining [see last year's spring break post]. But whether you're getting away from the winter weather for a few days or just hanging at home [I'll be doing that for the latter half], these 5 activities will help you have as relaxing a break as possible.

  1. Read. Not a textbook, of course. I think all college students can agree that 9 days away from textbooks is an amazing thing, but you should use these 9 days to read what you want. My communication professors are always telling us to read everything we can and absorb as much information as possible--you never know where you'll get your next inspiration! Try to read at least one book that you want to read. It could be the perfect thing to clear your mind.
  2. Try something new. Try a new recipe. Test out a DIY project you saw on Pinterest. Choose something you've always wanted to try and do it! This way you can work your mind and creativity. A lot of times I can get lazy over school breaks, but by trying out a new activity like a workout class or other project, you can keep your mind and body active.
  3. Sleep. This is a given. I don't think I need to give you much motivation to do this one but sleep, sleep, sleep! I find that even though I get about 7-8 hours of sleep per night at school [or less], I'm still overtired because the hours of sleep are not always as restful as they need to be. Take the time to get a good night's sleep over spring break. And I don't mean stay up till 2:00am and wake up at 2:00pm to get 12 hours of sleep because that's still not beneficial. Get to bed and wake up at a decent hour--you'll feel more refreshed!
  4. Spend time with friends and family. You may be missing your friends at school, or you may just want to hole up in your room and watch Netflix for all of break, but instead of being anti-social, spend time with the people you don't get to see every day while at school. Have a movie night with your family or call up a hometown friend to go to coffee. As much as your college friends are probably the best, don't forget about all the people from home! They can still give you just as much happiness, and it could be fun to reflect on old times--always stay connected.
  5. Do what you want. I may be offering advice on things you should be doing during spring break, but obviously the important thing is to do what you want. Do whatever makes you the most happy and peaceful. This is the one week of the semester when you can take a break, so do what you want to do. Then, you'll go back to school ready to take on the rest of the semester with ease.
Have a relaxing spring break!


  1. Ugh, so looking forward to spring break! Definately looking forward to spending time with my SO since we are always so busy during the quarter. He mentioned something about going to Knotts Berry Farm (an amusement park) so Im looking forward to that! Hope you have a wonderful spring break!
    HCBN Love <3

  2. These are great ways to spend Spring break! I was originally going to go out of town, but plans changed. Now I'll just spend more time blogging and exploring more of the new restaurants that opened up in town.

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  4. These are great tips for any break from school. Thanks for sharing!

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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