Saturday, March 22, 2014

Florida Photo Diary

Sunset selfies.
 Sangria slushy in a pail.
 Beachside fire pits & cocktails.
I even found a little piece of London.

As I'm studying away for my numerous midterms and projects this week, I am really wishing I was back in Florida in the sunshine. The week was much-needed and oh so relaxing. My days were filled with sun, salt water, sand, good reads (currently Orange is the New Black), tropical drinks, seafood and family. I even found a bit of London at one of the boutiques in downtown Venice. I absolutely love this catstudio pillow, and it even says Paul Smith on it! Right now I'm wishing I could go back to the easy days of flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. Good thing summer is right around the corner!


  1. This makes me miss home so much right now! Nothing beats that FL sunshine!;)
    xo Tia |

    1. Thanks Tia! Seriously..i wish i could go back now!


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