Monday, March 3, 2014

Gap Deals: Back to Blue

Gap Deals: Back to Blue

Last weekend my friends and I went to brunch at Zaftigs in Coolidge Corner (see my mimosa Instagram?), and while we were waiting to nom away on bagel chips and potato pancakes we decided to pop into the Gap.  Little did I know, the sale shopping would be extremely successful! I had been eyeing this floral bomber jacket shown above since just after the holidays when it was still $98. But, I decided to wait since Gap is notorious for their deals. Turns out last Saturday was my lucky day when there was one floral bomber in my size just waiting for me on the sale rack. The orange sale price sticker said it was now $48.99--helloooo! When I got to the register the price was reduced even more…wait for it…$16.99! I'm sorry I get really excited for crazy deals like this, so I just had to share. I purchased a jacket originally priced at $98 for a mere $16.99--with a gift card, I might add. 

I found a few other good deals, as well. I snagged this aqua striped sweatshirt shown above for 40% off and two V-necks for 50% off. I hadn't shopped at the Gap in a while, but now I'm psyched to go back and see what I'll find next time. Above, I've featured a few other sale pieces that I love. I'm going with a blue theme, since one of Gap's recent campaigns used the "back to blue" slogan. Also I think I'm just overly excited to swim in the ocean in a week when I'm in Florida for spring break. Spring is almost here!

Now, shop away!

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