Saturday, March 29, 2014

Microsoft Surface 2 Blogger Event

Yesterday I attended a Her Campus Boston blogger event at the Microsoft store to test out its new Surface 2 tablet! I'm not very tech saavy or into tech products to be honest, but the opportunity was pretty great. I get to borrow a Surface 2 tablet to try for a whole month! Yes, I'm using it now. And yes, it's pretty awesome. Lily from Microsoft taught us all about the Surface 2's features, such as having the ability to use two apps at once and take 3-D photos. I'll be writing another post on the Surface tablet soon with more details (I'm still trying to figure it out :/).
Her Campus Founder Windsor Hanger introducing us to Lily, who taught us all about the Surface 2.
The event was very fun and a great way for me to meet some local bloggers who I had only ever met online--weird, I know. The odd part was throughout the entire event all of us bloggers were on our phones tweeting and instagramming the whole thing, since the person with the best social media coverage won a brand new Surface 2 tablet. Of course I was participating because I wanted to win that tablet, but I wasn't a huge fan of everyone being on their phones the whole time. Maybe I'm just being too old school..
Event treats.
Anyway, I did get to chat a lot with some of the lovely Her Campus Blogger Network ladies (it was a pleasure meeting you!), and there were a plethora of treats, including these delish chocolate covered strawberries. We also had a little Just Dance party towards the end, which is always a good time. Overall, I had a great Friday afternoon pretending to be a techie!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love the close up pics of the strawberries and I've had to learn to become accustom to bloggers paying more attention to their social media sites than actual events. It is very bizarre at first, like where is the fun in that? :)

  2. I like this post! And I love your blog! Followed you. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back.


  3. This is one of the most astonishing venues that I've attended for my numerous experiences. This place is spot on with the decorations. The overall experience was amazing!

  4. We wanted to do a ceremony, followed by drinks and light bites, skipping the dinner to save money. The manager at this place was happy to oblige.


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