Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looped In Giveaway!

Today I'm hosting my first giveaway in collaboration with looped in! Looped in is a new mobile app that allows you to pay at Boston restaurants and stores with your phone. The app saves you from having to carry around a debit or credit card, cash and rewards cards and allows you to pay for food or other items on your phone securely. The YouTube video below shows how to make a transaction clearly. Looped in also allows you to send money to your friends who have the app if you owe them money from a dinner bill or just want to send a little gift.

Looped in shows the participating restaurants and merchants close to you on a digital map, as well, making it easy to find great deals and places you can use the app. If you see a particular restaurant or merchant you like, you can simply call the merchant or map out how to get there using the app. The map also shows which participating merchants have special deals and promotions going on. For instance, right now Ozzie's Pizza & Cafe in Coolidge Corner has a deal of 15% off a purchase of $10 or more, and Takusan Sushi just behind Fenway has all you can eat sushi!

The following YouTube video shows how to pay for food or other items with looped in as well as more of its features. I highly recommend watching it to better understand all the app has to offer!


Pretty cool, right? looped in is easy to use and secure when it comes to making a payment. You never pay a transaction with a debit or credit card number through looped in; however, you are responsible for loading the app with more money from a personal account or debit/credit card when you run out.

Looped in has a number of participating restaurants and shops in the Boston area, too. Some of the one's I'm excited to use my looped in dollars at include:
Of course, there are many more options all around Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Allston, Newton and more! Here is a complete list of participating merchants and restaurants.

Now for the GIVEAWAY! You can win $100 on looped in by entering our contest! That means $100 worth of food for all the college students who avoid eating out to save money (including me)! All you have to do to enter is:
Download the looped in app on your phone (this will take 3 minutes TOPS)
comment on this blog post stating you've downloaded looped in.
The giveaway ends next Thursday (4/24), so be sure to enter now!
What will you buy with your looped in dollars?

Sponsored by looped in.


  1. Just downloaded the app. Thanks Alliiieeeeeeeeeeee

  2. So cool! Can't wait to try the app.

  3. Hey Allie! I downloaded the app :)

  4. Hey Allie! I downloaded the app :) Can't wait to Boston meet up!

  5. Just downloaded the app! And all my money is now going to Brookline Booksmith...uh oh.

    1. Love Brookline Booksmith! That's not such a bad thing… haha thanks for entering!:)


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