Saturday, May 31, 2014

Easy Summer Internship Outfits

Last week was my first week of internships, so I thought it appropriate to share some outfit inspiration as I figure out what I'm going to wear. I've never worked an office job during the summer, so I'm pretty new at this, but I do know that I have to prepare for hot and humid train rides, walks to the office and cold office air conditioning. The key to dealing with this is, of course, layers. This step-by-step guide should help you [and me] put together a summer internship outfit in a snap.
Easy Summer Internship Outfits

Untitled #41
Untitled #42
Untitled #43

Top to Botton (Left to Right): J.Crew Factory Crystal Necklace | Madewell Leather Tote | J.Crew Factory Crystal Necklace | Black D'Orsay Flats | Madewell Holepunch Flats | Madewell Loren Heels | Madewell Lora Heels

Not too hard, right? Pick a bottom, top, dress, layer and accessory. Of course, some of these pieces can be a bit more casual depending on where you're working. Some offices allow jeans; however, the rules still apply whether you have to dress up or down for your internship. Accessories are important in this equation, as well, because they change up your typical office outfit. This way you can wear the same dress but change the necklace and shoe for a different look, for instance.

My one piece of advice is that you can never be too overdressed for an internship position. If you feel any hesitation of dressing too casually for the office, throw on some heels or statement necklace. Otherwise, have fun dressing up for work, and don't be afraid to wear colors and patterns! Do you have any summer internship outfit tricks or items you love? I'd love to hear in the comments!
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