Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little Pink Bag

Little Pink Bag

A couple things I've learned as a new Boston commuter: stay organized and always have hand sanitizer. I usually carry a Longchamp tote that holds my laptop, chargers, notebook, sunglasses and anything else I could need. But, I quickly realized that little things such as hair ties and hand sanitizer can't just be floating around in my bag. The solution? A compartmental bag! One that will hold all the little items you need all in one place.

I purchased this little pink Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon bag in the sale section at Nordstrom. An extra 25% off the sale price made me seal the deal, and I'm so glad I did. Here are a few items I keep in my little pink bag:
Untitled #45

I keep my compartmental bag full of a couple hair ties (the above ones are Emi-Jay), hand sanitizer, gum, lip balm, tampons, Advil, Band-aids, dryer sheets (for when my clothes get static-y) and anything else I think I could possibly need. The compartmental bag keeps all of these smaller items organized. Plus, if you're changing bags for the day, it's easy to just throw the mini bag into your new one without feeling like you've forgotten anything.

Do you have a mini bag within a bag? What do you keep inside?
I'd love to hear in the comments section below!

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