Friday, September 19, 2014

Boyfriend Jean


The comfiest jeans ever? Ask your boyfriend for them. These slouchy, distressed styled pants may become your best friend since they're so versatile. I styled my Levi boyfriend jeans pretty casually here, but they also look fab with classic pumps for a dressier look. I always used to avoid boyfriend jeans since I felt like an actual man when I wore them, but I quickly realized that when styled correctly they can actually be flattering!

Here's what to pair them with--take your pick!

Tops:                                                                                    Shoes:                   

Classic tee or tank                                                                    Converse or slip-ons
Silk button-down                                                                       Ballet flats
Slouchy sweater (tucked in at the front)                                      Ankle boots (heeled or flat)
Blazer                                                                                      Pumps

Get the idea? The most important part is owning the look, don't let the jeans wear you! They're more flattering than you think, and you're boyfriend will notice.

Will you try the boyfriend jean look?

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