Friday, October 3, 2014

Charles River Apparel: Yellow New Englander Rain Jacket

Charles River Apparel New Englander Rain Jacket (℅) | Lucky Brand Boots (old)

This week has been a complete wash-out (typical New England), but lucky for me, I've finally gotten a chance to wear my Charles River Apparel New Englander rain jacket. Even though I'm not a fan of trekking to class in wind and rain, I can't help but feel excited to wear this coat. I'm not sure if it's the cheerful, buttercup yellow hue or the cozy, fleece-lined pockets that make me (somewhat) happy about New England weather…either way, it's helping me survive rainy days.

To purchase your own monogrammed Charles River Apparel rain jacket, check out Marley Lilly or Etsy. These are Charles River Apparel's biggest monogram vendors to buy from since it only sells its products in bulk to companies rather than personal orders. These coats have been all the rage on Pinterest and make for great gifts with a personal touch. I ordered the Heathered Fleece in oatmeal, as well, with a monogram on the sleeve. Look out for photos of this jacket, too!

Happy Friday!
Sponsored by Charles River Apparel. All opinions are my own.


  1. How did you get them to give you a monogram? Did you have to send in a picture?

    1. Hi! So you actually cannot have Charles River Apparel monogram for you personally. They only take bulk company orders. If you want to buy a monogrammed coat for yourself, check out the monogrammed apparel on Etsy and Marley Lilly (
      Thanks for reading!:) Hope this helps!


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