Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Handbags 101 Courtesy of Rue La La

Recently Rue La La posted a style guide for handbags on their blog to help you determine which style bag is best for you and your lifestyle. Although handbag trends come and go, the clutch, the tote, the pochette, the hobo and the satchel are here to stay. Of these styles, I'd say my favorite would have to be the tote. As much as I love a statement clutch, a tote lets me carry everything I could possibly need for the day when I go to class or work.
Totes are perfect carry-all bags that can be used for any and all occasions from the beach to the office. In my tote, I carry my laptop, planner, laptop and iPhone chargers, pens, chapstick, lip gloss, hair ties, Band-aids, gum, hand sanitizer and all the essentials. Usually to organize my tote I use a smaller compartmental bag (read blog post here) to keep smaller items from floating around. When transitioning from a large tote to a small clutch, I only bring along my iPhone, ID, credit card, cash and lip gloss. A small, leather credit card holder keeps your valuables in one place and can fit in a small clutch. 

Not only does Rue La La's style guide for handbags help you pick the best style bag for you, but it also gives you a full history of handbag styles dating back to the 16th century (yes, the cross-body dates back that far), designer hand bag signatures that teach you how to tell if a designer bag is authentic, and care tips for your handbags. I feel more informed about handbag styles than ever after reading Rue La La's post. Be sure to read up on your favorite hand bag!

Which style handbag is your favorite?!
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