Saturday, November 15, 2014

Heathered Fleece Featuring Charles River Apparel

Photography by Stephanie Brown

This outfit post is a bit artsier than usual, but my friend Stephanie is taking a photography class and is always in need of models! We wandered around the Fens and found this beautiful view of the Pru. I always forget about the pretty parks around Boston other than the Commons. The Fens has lots of little ponds and streams and lots of geese (watch out for the bird poop…). 

Other than these fabulous photos, I want to talk about the heathered fleece I'm wearing from Charles River Apparel. This fleece is the comfiest. I wear it while studying, heading to the gym or when I just want to feel cozy. The jacket also has a monogram on the sleeve, similar to the one in my New Englander rain coat post, which adds a personal touch. Holiday gift idea? I think so!

Charles River Apparel is sold on Amazon, as well as through numerous retailers. For a complete list of retailers near you, fill out this form for details. You can also purchase monogrammed jackets like mine on Etsy!

Do you have a favorite fleece to keep you warm and cozy this season?
Thanks for reading!

Sponsored by Charles River Apparel. All opinions are my own.

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