Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas [& a Sunset]

With Valentine's Day this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite date ideas for you and your loved one (even if that's your BFF). The photos above are from my 22nd birthday when we did a winter beach trip and dinner in Newburyport at the The Black Cow, one of my favorite spots. This past weekend Drew and I were trying to decide what restaurant we would try for Valentine's Day, only to realize that almost every place we looked at was completely booked. We make this mistake every year, but really, why do so many people take V-Day so seriously?

For those of you who still couldn't get a dinner reservation or simply don't want to do the whole dinner date thing like every other couple, these ideas may be helpful:
  1. Cook your own three-course meal and set the table! This is a fun idea, especially when you can't get a reservation anywhere else, because you can cook exactly what you want to eat while enjoying an intimate dining experience…in your own dining room. Cooking up your own appetizer, entree and dessert is also fun when you have an assistant in the kitchen.
  2. Visit the beach or a park. Of course, this is more of a day-time or early evening activity, but if it's not too bitterly cold outside, it can be fun to stroll the beach or park and enjoy the winter sights without lots of people milling around you. 
  3. Go for a dessert date. Skip dinner or opt for date idea #1 then go out for a gourmet dessert! Many of the leftover reservation options for Boston restaurants were for late at night, so might as well cook your own dinner before and snag the reservation for a decadent dessert date afterward (with bubbly, of course).
  4. Visit a museum. Opt for a day-date to one of your favorite museums. For a fun, interactive day, visit the Aquarium or Museum of Science, or to get cultured, visit the Museum of Fine Arts (for this naked scavenger hunt?), Isabella Steward Gardner museum or ICA. Usually these museums have new exhibits going on or are just pleasant to walk through and enjoy the views. They're also free or offer a discount with a college ID #budgetfriendly.
  5. Watch a flick with chocolate and wine. My personal favorite. The New York Times recently posted an article with the best wine pairings for chocolate. Might as well reach for the expensive bottle of port when you don't have to pay a dinner bill, right? Pick up some chocolate truffles and a few favorite movies, and you have a perfect Valentine's Day evening.
With these V-Day date ideas, there's no need to stress not getting a dinner reservation or having to pay a large dinner bill. These ideas are just as fun (for couples and BFFs alike), plus you won't be bothered by PDA across the restaurant.
What do you think? Do you have any Valentine's Day plans?
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