Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3 WAYS TO UPDATE YOUR WORKOUT (& avoid the treadmill).

We're already pretty far along into 2016, and I'm guessing you've been working out mad crazy to meet your New Year resolution?! **smile and nod, smile and nod** Honestly, I haven't been to the gym that much since January 1st, and I'm totally okay with it, which is strange seeing as working out is essentially my form of Xanax. In the fall I'd run on the treadmill about four days per week, and it killed my knees (18 years of dance can do some damage). But lately, I've been focusing on working out when my body feels like I need it, and I choose a workout based on what I need or want to do. Below, are a few new workouts I've tried in the last few months that definitely make you feel the burn without being boring or overly strenuous.

Yoga (in the air).

What? Yes. Aerial yoga! First of all, I am not a yoga fan. I easily get bored and need something fast-paced that, ya know, actually raises my heart rate. The aerial yoga class I tried at South Boston Yoga may not have made me feel out of breath, but it did flip my world upside down...literally. What I liked most about the aerial yoga class was how great of a stretch it was. Rather than feeling sore, my muscles felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the class because of how the aerial silk helps you get a seriously good stretch. My favorite part was definitely the "challenge" portion of class where the instructor taught us different poses we can do in the air and upside down i.e. see below. Then again, I also did NOT want to move out of my silk "cocoon" meditation either. Overall, this class was one of my better yoga experiences.


What all rowers hate, you mean? Also, yes! In December, I tried an indoor rowing class at Community Rowing Inc. and was totally sold on erging aka indoor rowing. Full disclosure--CRI is a client of mine for work, hence why I took the class; however, I seriously liked it a lot. I had never done it before, but after just one class I felt like I had learned so much about the technique of it all (but definitely need more practice). We rowed along to Motown and stopped for some core work in between. Thought it was very different from my typical cardio workout, I still felt like I challenged myself and I loved that my knees didn't hurt after!! Since the class, I've started using the indoor rowing machines at my gym, and I actually know how to use them properly to get the full benefit from the workout.


This one isn't new. BUT I still love it and wanted to share. All summer I took Pure Barre classes, mainly because I'm a baby and didn't want to run in the heat, but also because it combines dance, pilates and yoga perfectly. I was able to use my ballet background while seriously feeling the burn. Literally, during some of the barre sets my legs shook uncontrollably and my muscles screamed curse words at me. And yet, by the time the class is over and I'm in stretch/meditation mode, I don't even remember how awful it was. Then I sign up for another class. It's addicting, really. Plus, the music is usually on point.

So, there ya have it! Update your workout. Feel the burn. But don't hurt yourself.
Who's ready to work out?!


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